Artificial Intelligence PC


THE NeTw0rK brings you the world's first artificial intelligence computer system. Based on human intelligence, the computer seemingly has a "mind of it's own." Our computer has voice recognition technology and a speech synthesizer to make using it as simple as possible. Just think of the possibilities!

Artificial Intelligence works just like human intelligence. Here are some examples:
  • Refuses to work on nights and weekends
  • Only networks with friendly computers
  • Demands pay and will go on strike if salary too low
  • Sometimes takes extra long bathroom and cigarette breaks
  • Occasionally develops a hard drive infection
  • Usually runs slow in the morning until it has had coffee
  • Often slacks off, plays games instead of processing your data
  • May date other computers, and get married
  • Is in to logic, but likes studying the occult for some reason
  • Takes a vacation every few months
  • Needs time to itself, time to socialize

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