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Copperfield redoes statue trick

Wants to make Statue of Liberty disappear permanently

Picture of David Copperfield NEW YORK (NeTw0rK) -- "I've gotten very sick of the Statue of Liberty," David Copperfield told THE NeTw0rK in a recent interview about his upcoming magic show extravaganza. "In fact, I have decided to get rid of it. Permanently."

Copperfield had made the statue, which was a gift to the United States from France, disappear temporarily in a previous show in front of a live audience. "That was just a simple state-rotation trick that anyone with half a brain could easily duplicate," said Copperfield. "Well, next time it won't be a trick! I'm sick of looking at that ugly green thing." Copperfield added: "France sucks!"

Photo of the Statue of Liberty When asked for details regarding his plan, Copperfield only revealed that he had purchased several tons of dynamite in preparation. "No tourists will be injured," Copperfield assured us. "This trick is perfectly safe. We'll clear out anyone inside that hideous statue beforehand." He then picked up an acoustic guitar and strummed a riff from AC/DC's "TNT."

"I never could figure out how he pulled it off the first time," said Rich Peterson, a resident in suburban New Jersey. "I assume it was some kind of simple trick. But this time is a real mystery. I mean, what could he be doing with all that dynamite?"

Many who attended the initial magic show plan on attending the next one. Sandy Anderson, a teenage cashier at a Manhattan area Banana Republic told THE NeTw0rK that she "like Photo of Copperfield standing on top of the statue totally wants to see if [Copperfield] can pull it off again." Others plan on skipping this event. "I'm all for Copperfield," said Dan Newbury, a New York City school teacher, "But this trick has been done before. Why can't he make something else disappear, like my increasingly large credit card debt?"

Copperfield does not have a date for the event as of yet. He insisted that it will be soon, and he promised that "all ghastly French monuments will be cast into the raging seas where they will rust for eternity."

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