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Moon hoax confirmed by former astronomer

"The moon never really existed," says Dr. Julia Blackston.

Picture of the moon (file photo) WASHINGTON DC (NeTw0rK) -- For centuries, people have looked up in the night sky and seen the moon in the night sky. Or so it would seem.

"There is no moon," Dr. Julia Blackston told NeTw0rK News in a recent interview. "I mean, a giant white rock orbiting the earth? Come on. It's obviously fake, and I've got proof."

Dr. Blackston worked as an astronomer for NASA since NASA's inception in 1958 until she retired in 1999. Blackston claims to have been one of the people who invented the moon in 1958. She told us that she not only bought the styrofoam for the original "moon," but in fact was one of the people who helped create the "ancient" myths surrounding the moon.

"See, the 'moon' is a tiny styrofoam ball. It dangles from a thread on a helicopter during the night. We were worried that people wouldn't believe it, so we put fluoride in their drinking water. Everyone knows that fluoride makes people more gullible, so that combined with all the 'old' stories we made up worked quite well."

 Why do you think we had to fake the moon landings?" she asked rhetorically.

Unknown artist paints the 'moon' in a secret NASA lab (1958) NASA President Sean O'Keefe was quick to deny Blackston's claims.

"The moon? Fake? I thought I'd heard everything, but this one really takes the cake. Also, NASA had nothing to do with putting fluoride in water. They were doing that long before NASA existed."

Blackston has some simple experiments anyone can do to prove the moon is fake.
  • Notice how the moon looks larger when it's near the horizon? That's because the helicopter is low in the sky.
  • How could the "man on the moon" have been painted on if the moon were really the size of a small planet? Obviously, the moon must be very small or it would have required more paint than the US government could afford, even if Congress saved up for twenty years.
  • Notice how the moon looks like styrofoam? That's because it is.
  • Try holding a quarter up in front of the moon. Notice how the quarter is larger? There is no possible way that could happen unless the moon was smaller than a quarter.
"I've lived with this lie for long enough," said Dr. Blackston. "It's time the public knew the truth."

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