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Fox News channel promises more balanced reporting

"Two Minutes of Hate" will be dedicated to liberal politics

Fox audience displays hatred of Hillary Clinton WASHINGTON D.C. (NeTw0rK) -- Bowing to pressure from liberals across the nation, Fox News announced today that it will run a regular segment featuring alternative views from liberals, breaking the usual conservative-only format.

"Two Minutes of Hate" will run one to three times an hour, according to the Fox News website. The show will pre-empt the network’s other shows, such as The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Live, and Fox Report according to the website.

Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti explained the format of the show to NeTw0rK News.

"The show will have a live studio audience, and for two minutes a video of a well-known liberal will be projected on a screen, such as a speech by Bill Clinton, Ralph Nader, or even a clip from one of Michael Moore’s films.

"The studio audience will become more and more angry during the one hundred twenty seconds, shouting with increasing frustration and perhaps even throwing things at the screen. TV viewers are encouraged to participate."

According to Briganti, when the two minutes are up the video will stop and an image of a conservative leader such as President George W. Bush will appear on the screen, superimposed on a U.S. flag proudly waving in the wind, and the audience will put their right hands over their hearts and sing the national anthem.

"It’s important to be ´fair and balanced,´" says Briganti.

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