River Dance Dance Revolution


PERFECT! You've played other dancing arcade games... Now play the other foreign dance-fest of the year -- RIVER DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION.

Keep moving, and you'll be Too Cool. Watch your step, and make sure not to move your upper body at all. Anyone who stops dancing gets flogged with a bagpipe.

Every five dances costs only a buck, which is far less than what you'd pay to see the un-interactive dance show, Riverdance. What a deal!
RIVER DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION lets you select from over 30 classic Irish dance songs. Do a jig against the computer, or with a friend.

Stay Cool with the new home version! The home version boasts the same graphics, the same sounds, and the same moves, only it costs $40, plus $60 for the mat, and another $200 for the console. Still, it's almost half as fun as the $1 arcade version!

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