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News reports may contain advertisements according to recent study

Senior vice president of PepsiCo, makers of refreshing Mountain Dew and crunchy, cheesy Cheetos, disagrees

Pepsi is just one of many exciting PepsiCo brand products. CHICAGO (NeTw0rK) -- A recent study conducted by the News Reporting Institute of America indicates that many news reports contain advertisements for products and services. But Dave Burwick, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Pepsi-Cola in North America, disagrees with that assessment.

"When I read the newspaper, I read it for news," said Burwick in a telephone interview. "I certainly don't read it for news regarding exciting new PepsiCo products, such as Mountain Dew LiveWire, or our new television commercial for Gatorade."

Ruffles 3D's: New from PepsiCo. But others were more skeptical than Burwick.

"Just the other day I read an article about colds," said Chicago elementary school teacher Linda Yang. "But the article focused entirely on a single brand of vitamin supplements and even told me where I should purchase them. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?"

Even if the report is correct, one fact is for certain: the smooth, refreshing taste of Pepsi will cool you down. Two litter bottles of Pepsi are currently on sale at Albertson's grocery stores nationwide.

According to Burwick, we should all "sit back, relax, and have a bag of Ruffles potato chips today!"

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