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Another American business investigated

Suzie's Lemonade Stand Inc. hid expenses from investors

Suzie Jenkins pours lemonade for a customer (file photo) RHODE ISLAND (NeTw0rK) -- On Monday, Suzie Jenkins came under fire by the U.S. attorney generalís office for her accounting practices relating to her business. Jenkins is the CEO of Suzieís Lemonade Stand Inc., a Rhode Island based company that specializes in lemonade distribution.

If the allegations are correct, Jenkins has altered her books to show earnings of $17.35 for last weekend, instead of the $15.11 that she should have recorded. Investors are furious.

"I told her that she couldnít just write off the lemonade as a capital expenditure, but she didnít listen to me," said Arleen Jenkins, mother of Suzie Jenkins. "Her father wonít be happy about this either."

Company logo Unconfirmed reports indicate that Jenkins has been grounded until the investigation is over.

U.S. attorney general John Ashcroft said, "While [Jenkinís] business is technically a corporation, we believe that she should be punished for her actions. We must show Americans that no shady accounting practices will be tolerated in this country."

Jenkins had no comment at press time.

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